like a flower that blooms in the desert
steve rogers;
All Day, I Think of You
pairing: jun.k/fei
rating: pg
words: 425

I think about you. That's all I do.Collapse )

Ain't No Sunshine Without You
pairing: junho/suzy
rating: g
words: 430

ain't no summer if she's not with him.Collapse )

rants: school 2013 (and its flawlessness)
steve rogers;

So I've just finished watching the last episode of S2013 and its special episode, and because my heart is still yearning for this show, I might as well shower my love for this freaking perfect drama in this post. (Also, happy belated new year peeps.)

"What are we going to do in the future?"Collapse )

you make me smile.
steve rogers;
You Make Me Smile
pairing: ilhoon/yooyoung
g | fluff | 1 834 words
a/n: for kirakirashahida, because this ship is all about rainbows and butterflies. Teehee.

Where is your heart?Collapse )


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